Edu4u Student Ambassador Scheme

If you know someone who would like to apply to a British University or College let us know! We offer between £200 - £700 per successfully recruited student to our ambassadors. You can refer a friend, family or even start recruiting for Edu4u and join our Team!

How it works

1. Find someone who wants to study in the UK.

2. Complete the below Student Referral Form or Whatsapp/email us details of your applicant

3. We do the consulting and application process for free

4. When your applicant successfully enroll with Edu4u you get 25% of your commission at the enrolment date

5. When your applicant successfully finishes a first semester you get the 75% of the remaining commission.

Our commission structure

1-3 students - £200 per successfully enrolled student
4-9 students - £300 per successfully enrolled student
10-15 students - £500 per successfully enrolled student
16+ students - £700 per successfully enrolled student

You recruited 11 students:
11*£500 = £5500

You can sum up your referrals per every academic year which starts in September and finishes in August.

Ambassador Scheme Pro

Receive a basic salary + commission for students recruitment

Whatsapp or email us to join the Ambassador Scheme Pro.


This is a form for students who wish to refer friends and family to study with us. To participate please fill the form below

I consent to the processing of my personal data by Edu4u Ltd for information and marketing purposes.

Enrolling for July & September 2023

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We Are The Official Partner of British Universities and College


Edu4u offers £200 - £700 per every student you recommend to us!
All you need to do is simply let us know. Contact us on Whatsapp to join our
Referral Scheme!

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