BSc (Hons) Health and Social Care

Your ability to launch a successful career in the health and social care industry will be aided by earning a BSc (Hons) in health and social care. After completing the program, you'll be able to show potential employers that your advanced abilities meet the National Occupational Standards because it is aligned to the standards set out by Skills for Health (the Skills Council for the NHS) (NOS).

University London Metropolitan University
Degree BSc (Hons) Health and Social Care
Level of study Foundation Year (Y0) or First Year (Y1)
Start date October, November, February, April, July
Duration 3 years or 4 years (with foundation year)
Location London, Birmingham, Manchester, Leeds, Leicester
Delivery Weekends, Weekdays or Evenings
Hours per week 9-12h
Fees £9250
Finances Eligible for the Tuition Fee Loan and the Maintenance Loan

Course Overview

This course specifically encourages the growth of your academic abilities while also arming you with the interpersonal and professional competencies required not only for your studies but also for successful participation in graduate-level employment prospects.

If you decide to specialize in housing, you will receive a complimentary student membership to the Chartered Institute of Housing (CIH), as the course is also fully accredited by the CIH.

Each course year designates a specific level of student development. Students are portrayed as The Inquiring Student in year one, Emerging Practitioners in year two, and Effective Graduates towards the end of the course.

The introduction of student learning syndicates, which foster group cohesion and a feeling of community, as well as longer induction periods at the start of important modules in Years One and Three boost student achievement. The Academic Skills & Literacy (ALS) and Personal and Professional Development (PDP) modules that are taught each year are two additional crucial components of the course design that encourage achievement.

Entry Requirements
Funding & Fees

Foundation year

Critical Thinking
Reflecting on Self and Society
Media, Crime and Race
Researching Discrimination
Researching Inequality
Interventions for Change
Social Issues in Context: Text to Essay
Principles of Health & Social Care Practice

Year 1

Introduction to Health & Social Care; Concepts of Health & Well-being (30 credits)
The Context of Health & Social Care: Cultural, Social & Ethical Perspectives (30 credits)
Introduction to Effective Practice in Health & Social Care
An Introduction to Knowledge and Inquiry in Health & Social Care
Personal & Professional Development: Self-management
Academic Skills & Literacy: Finding & Presenting Information

Year 2

Advancing the Health of the Population: Understanding Public Health (30 credits)
Ethical Research in Professional Contexts (30 credits)
Becoming employable
Issues in Health, Illness & Society
Personal & Professional Development; Managing Professional Relationships
Academic skills & literacy: developing critical thinking

Year 3

Effective Responses to Emerging Issues in Health & Social Care (30 credits)
Health Project (30 credits)
Personal & Professional Development: Management & Leadership of Others
Academic Skills & Literacy: Effective Critical Thinking
Students will pick two from four optional modules
Homelessness and Housing Policy (optional)
Mental Health & Well-being (optional)
Global Health (optional)
Housing Issues and Housing Solutions (optional)

Academic (standard) requirements for applicants under 21 years old)

• 32 UCAS points
• At least one A level (or a minimum of 32 UCAS points from an equivalent Level 3 qualification, e.g. BTEC Subsidiary/National/BTEC Extended Diploma)

English language requirements

• All applicants can take FREE English online test


Additionally, during the admissions process, you will be asked to attend either an academic or admissions interview.

• During the admissions interview, we will ask you questions about your choice of programme and will learn more about you.
• The academic interview provides an opportunity for entry to applicants who do not meet standard entry requirements or have not been in education for a while. During this type of interview, we will assess your knowledge in a specific field.

We encourage and will consider applications from mature students who haven’t recently undertaken a formalised course of study at A-level or equivalent, but who can demonstrate relevant work experience, indicating their ability to complete the course successfully. Applications will be considered on a case-by-case basis.

If you have higher qualifications than these entry requirements, we also have a 3-year
Business Management BA programme so you can start directly from the First Year.

There will be nine to twelve hours of lectures, workshops, and tutorials per week.

You will be evaluated through group projects, coursework, portfolios, and presentations in addition to reports, business plans, and seen and unseen tests. You'll need to create an e-portfolio with real-world projects and investigations for some modules. Additionally, you'll write a dissertation your senior year.

Funding for your studies

All of the students will receive Student Finance which means that you don't need to pay anything.

Tuition Fee Loans

Your tuition fees are paid using a tuition fee loan. This is given to your University or College directly. Only once you have completed your study and are making at least £26,575 per year do loan repayments begin. Students who study full- or part-time may apply

Maintenance Loans

To pay for living expenses, you can also apply for a Maintenance Loan if you qualify. T his loan is deposited straight into your bank account. After you complete your degree and earn more than £26,575, your maintenance loan is due. Please visit for additional details.

Maintenance Grants

Additionally, you can apply for a Maintenance Grant to assist with living expenses. At the beginning of the term, maintenance grants are deposited straight into your bank account. Although you are not required to pay them back, any money you get will lower the amount of the Maintenance Loan you might be eligible for should you decide to apply for one as well.

General info

Student finance for undergraduate degrees covers:

- Tuition fee Loan - £9250 per year. This money goes directly from the Student Loan Company to the University (you don’t touch this money).
- Maintenance loan: covers your own expenses and living costs.
- £9706 per year in you live outside the London
- £13000 if you live in London
The maintenance Loan goes directly to your account and you can do with this money whatever you want.

If you have pre-settled status you need to work and keep working during the status.
If you have a settled status you don’t need to work.

The loan is provided by the UK government and covers 100% of the tuition fees charged by universities. The repayment rules are very favourable.

More information can be found on the government website:

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