What is Blended Learning?

Blended learning is also known as Hybrid learning. It is a combination of the internet and technology and the physical presence of the students and teachers. It is an approach to education that combines online education and face to face. It basically means on campus and online.

Blended learning is common in the UK and other countries, mostly to working students as this fits their lifestyle. They have time to work and they have time to study as well. The goal of blended learning is to make it more engaging and collaborative for the student.

Edu4u offers two types of blended learning:

- 1 day on campus and 1 day online (2 days per week) but the student needs to be only one day per week on campus

- 2 days per week on campus - student needs to be two days per week on campus

The option of one day per week on campus is more attractive to our students as they can study this learning mode even living far away from the campus. For example, someone who is living in Oxford can take the train once a week to London. Thanks to this, the student is eligible to receive the full amount of the maintenance loan which is £12,667 per year.

Entry Requirements

With academic qualifications like a high school diploma and transcripts, you can go to University and start your educational journey. These Universities most likely have the same entry requirements like a copy of a valid passport, share code or confirmation of your status can be BRP, settled or pre-settled, a diploma (original and translated), Curriculum Vitae, personal statement and proof of address. Some Universities require proof of address and some don’t. If you don’t have academic qualifications there’s no need to worry as we can apply based on our work experience. We will send you the CV and personal statement guidelines of your chosen University.

Entry without the academic diploma:

- CV or work evidence

- Personal Statement

- share-code / proof of residency

- passport / ID

Entry with an academic diploma

- high school diploma (in some cases translation to ENG is required)

- Personal Statement

- share-code / proof of residency

- passport / ID

Student finance

Studying in the UK with blended learning means you will get a tuition fee loan and maintenance loan. These loans are funded by the government and you will get up to £9250 for a tuition fee loan and around £13000 for the maintenance loan which will cover your living cost. The maintenance loan will go directly to your account and the tuition fee loan will go directly to University.


Blended Learning 1 day on campus and 1 day online:

• Business Management

• Computing

• Health and Social Care

Blended Learning 2 days per week on campus:

- BSc (Hons) Accounting and Finance

- BA (Hons) Business Management

- BA (Hons) Business and Computing

- BSc (Hons) Project Management

- BSc (Hons) Health and Care Management

- BSc (Hons) Supply Chain Management

- BA (Hons) Criminology and Law

- BA (Hons) Criminology and Psychology

- BSc (Hons) Computing- BSc (Hons) Psychology with Counselling

- BSc (Hons) Psychology

Blended Learning 2 days per week on campus:

- Diploma in Education and Training level 5 (1 year)

- HND in Business (2 years)

- HND in Digital Technologies (2 years)

- HNC/HND in Healthcare Management (2 years)

- BA (Hons) Global Business (Business Management) with Foundation Year

- BA (Hons) Business and Enterprise with Foundation Year in Business

- BSc (Hons) Business and Tourism Management with Foundation Year

- BSc (Hons) Construction Management with Foundation Year

- BSc (Hons) Health and Social Care with Foundation Year in Health and Care

- BSc (Hons) Accounting & Financial Management with Foundation Year

- BSc (Hons) Health, Wellbeing and Social Care with Foundation Year

Blended Learning Structure

Each school has different intakes and timetables. For intakes, they have January, February, April, July, September, October and November. It depends on what school you choose to study in. What’s so great about these schools is that they have day-mode learning, evening mode and weekend in this case you will be given the benefit to change or choose your own schedule depending on your availability. Also, they offer 1 day on campus and one day online or 2 days on campus. You’ll select based on your capabilities to commit in school to study as these Universities require 100% of attendance. Below you can see examples of timetable day learning and evening.

Group A
week beginning 1st jan 2022
0930-1100 1100-1230 1230-1330 1330-1500 1500-1630 17.45-19.15 19.15-20.45
Monday Sun Lecture - ONLINE Sun Seminar - ONLINE
Wednesday Moon Lecture - ONLINE Moon Seminar - ONLINE
Saturday Saturn Lecture - Room One Saturn Seminar - Room One Lunch Stars Lecture - Room Two Stars Seminar - Room Two
Group A Daytime
week beginning 1st jan 2022
9.30-11.30am 11.30-1.30pm 1330-14.30 2.30pm-4.30pm 4.30pm-5.30pm
Wednesday Moon Lecture - Room One Moon Seminar - Room One Lunch 13.20 - 14.30 Sun Lecture - Room Two Stars Lecture - Room One
Friday Saturn Lecture - Room Two Saturn Seminar - Room Two Lunch 13.30-14.30 Sun Seminar - Room Two Stars Seminar - Room One

Why is blended learning good for working students?

It is typical nowadays for students to work while studying to pursue their dreams in life.Blended learning offers flexibility in terms of availability. A blended educational setup in universities will allow students who are trying to meet loose ends in terms of financial matters. Having one day on campus and one day online will ensure that these students can still maintain effective learning while having an income. Online classes can be remotely accessible and convenient for students who are also working. Though being on campus allows the students to effectively clarify matters or lessons from their professor, studying while working can still be the best option for some.

Nowadays, it is common for students to work while they are in school in order to achieve their personal goals. The availability of blended learning is flexible. Students who are juggling financial obligations will have access to a hybrid educational environment in institutions. These students can continue to learn well while earning a living by spending one day in college and the other online. Students who are also employed may find it easy and distant access to their online classes. Even though being on campus enables students to more effectively clarify issues or lessons from their lecturer, for some people, working

The Maintenance Loan and Blended Learning

Studying blended mode qualifies you for both the Tuition Fee Loan and the Maintenance Loan which means students receive around £13,000 in their bank accounts for the costs of living in the UK. Consequently, a student who is studying and working has a higher income than someone who is not working.


1. Blended Learning student who is working part-time - £13,000 maintenance loan + £15,000 working part-time = £28,000 per year.

2. Individual who is only working full time at minimum wage receives between £20,000 - £25,000 per year.

To sum up, being a Blended Learning student will boost your annual income and career perspectives. On top of that, you will receive a prestigious British Degree recognisable by employers around the world.

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